Learn From the Pros!

outdoor ping pong table

Learn how to play Foosball and peform these crazy tricks with this book! Check it out!

Unreal Foos - Goalie Pull Shot Tips

goalie pull shot tips

Get advice on how to perform the Goalie Pull shot.

Sling Shot

sling shot foosball

Get advice on how to perform the Sling shot.

How To: Snake Shot

snake shot foosball

Step by step instructions on how to complete the the Snake shot in Foosball.

Unreal Foos - Foosball Rules

video foosball rules

The Foosball rules, explained in a video.

Defending the Snake Shot

defend snake shot

You know how to perform the Snake shot, but do you know how to defend against it?

General Defensive Concepts

general defense foosball

Offense is only one part of the game, learn how to defend against various shot and the correct set up for defending.

Unreal Foos: Dink Shot

Dink shot

Unreal Foos described how to complete the Dink shot.

Unreal Foos: Pull Shot Tutorial

Pull shot foosball shot

Learn how to complete the Pull shot through this step-by-step tutorial.

Unreal Foos: Ball Control Exercise

ball control drills

A key aspect of Foosball is control and passing the ball, yet many players lack in this regard. Watch a video on ball control exercises.

2014 U.S. World Championship

2014 U.S. Foosball

The 2014 World Foosball Championships. Watch this awesome video!

2014 Warrior Double Finals

warrior foosball tournament

Singles not your game? Try out doubles and watch the amazing passes between two teammates.

2014 Texas State Single Finals

texas foosball tournament championships

Texas State Single's Finals. Check it out.

2001 World Championships Final

foosball world championship 2001

2001 World Championship Foosball Final. Table soccer final, Table soccer videos.

2011 Worlds Open Singles Final

foosball worlds open singles final

2011 Singles Worlds open. Watch these players and their amazing Foos skills.

Tornado World Championship

World Championship foosball by Tornado

Tornado, a leading Foosball table manufacturer, hosts a tournament every year, watch this world championship!