The Helicopter

helicopter trick shot

Watch the Helicopter Trick Shot.

The Super Tic-Tac

Foosball tricks

Watch the Super Tic-Tac Foosball shot.

The Lob

foosball lob shot

Watch the Lob shot, a cool Foosball trick.

The Swing

Swing shot

Watch the Swing-shot, a complicated foosball technique.

The Total K-U

total k-u shot

Watch the Total K-U Foosball trick shot.

Off The Rails

off the rails

Check out this Table soccer move called Off The Rails.

Balancing Act

balancing act foosball trick

Soccer table trick - The Balancing Act.

The Header

Header Shot

HeaderFoosball trick, watch the video here.

Out Of Bounds

Out of Bounds shot

Out of Bounds Foosball trick, watch the video here.