Warrior Professional Foosball Table

The Warrior Professional Foosball table is simply the best family Foosball table or the best Foosball table for kids on the market. You should purchase this table if you want a safe, durable table that stills plays smoothly and with the same ability as the more expensive Tornado tables. While this table may play a little slower than Tornado Foosball tables, it allows for better control and the ability to perform skill shots that you normally wouldn’t be able to accomplish with a lower quality table. It comes with a custom rod guard to protect children from ever jagging themselves with the metal rods. Not only that, but it’s the only table recognized by ITSF & USTSF player organizations besides the more expensive Tornado series Foosball tables.


  • Quick and easy to assemble. Expected Time: 15 mins w/One Tool
  • The only table with custom rod guard that eliminates potentially severe injuries from occurring to players of all ages, particularly children. Newly purchased tables come complete with a set of Rod Guards
  • Pro's Play it for the Quality, the Parents buy it for the Safety
  • Only table recognized by ITSF & USTSF player organizations
  • Table Dimensions: 54 5/8"L x 31 ½"W x 36 ½"H (w/levelers)


One of the best characteristics of the Warrior Professional Foosball table is the quick and easy assembly process. With other tables, the instructions can be so unclear that people have to resort to Youtube videos to assemble their table and the whole process normally takes at least two hours. With the Professional Foosball table, expected assembly times is around thirty minutes and previous reviews have distinguished this table as being one of the easiest to assemble.


You should purchase this table if you are looking for the highest quality recreational Foosball table. While the Warrior Professional is boasted as being the best Foosball table, the Tornado series are the unconditional leaders in Foosball table manufacturing. That being said, the Tornado are also the most expensive Foosball tables on the market. So, unless you are looking for the very best, I would recommend purchasing this table, it won’t serve you wrong.

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