Tornado Classic Foosball Table

The Tornado Classic Foosball table is the next step up in quality after the Foosball Sport. While the Foosball Sport is designed for players more interested in the recreational enjoyment of Foosball, the Foosball Classic has some of the extra amenities that make this table perfect for those more-serious players who want a good quality table but can still go without the more expensive features that don’t significantly influence playing performance.

The Tornado Classic has counter-balanced men, so if you turn the men upside down, they will stay that way until you intentionally move them. This is one characteristic many serious players desire in their Foosball table as it dramatically changes the flow of the game.

Another important feature that this Classic Sport Foosball table includes is a thinner bearing design that prevents the ball from being passed between the man and the wall, speeding up the play of the game and preventing annoying stand-offs.


  • Black Leather laminate on a 1 1/2" thick sturdy MDF cabinet
  • Patented Tornado men with revised “foot” design for more precise ball control
  • .125" Rugged steel rods resist bending and warping
  • Natural solid wood handles
  • New, thinner inner bearing design does not allow the ball to be passed between the man and wall
  • Adjustable leg levelers for easy leveling on uneven surfaces
  • ¾” laminate playfield with 3-color Tornado logo
  • Single side ball return
  • Snap-In bearings
  • Down corner construction for rigidity and durability
  • Patented urethane foosballs resist nicks and chips and roll true
  • Made in the USA, Weight: 225 pounds, Dimensions: 56"L x 30"W x 36"H


Requires 1-2 hours of assembly. We recommend having two people present as the table can be quite heavy and will need to be turned over on repeated occasions.


You should purchase this Foosball table if you want one of the best Foosball tables on the market, but you don’t want some of the less important, more expensive amenities included with the more expensive tables. While the Classic Sport Foosball table is priced significantly lower than the higher-end models like the Tornado Elite or the Tornado T3000, it still provides a professional level playing experience without all the expensive add-ons that a recreational player doesn’t require.

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