Sportcraft Foosball Table

The Sportcraft 48-inch Playmaker Foosball table is a recreational Foosball table designed for children or individuals concerned with space requirements. While a normal full-sized table measures 56” inches in length, the Sportcraft Playmaker Foosball table is only 48” inches.

Best Foosball Table for Children

Overall, this table should be purchased with the right expectations in mind. This Sportcraft Foosball table was not designed to be competition ready, meaning this table is missing some aspects that a more serious Foosball player would like to see included. Things such as counter-balanced men for increased playability and professionally designed bar bearings can have a drastic influence on the playability of the Foosball table but are excluded from the Sportcraft 48-inch playmaker model for practicality purposes.

The grooves on the men’s feet for increased grip are missing, the handles are relatively low-quality and the leg levelers don’t work very well. That being said, this table is one of the cheapest Foosball tables on the market and was not designed for heavy adult competitive use. This is a great table for children and should be purchased with right intent.


  • 48" Foosball Table
  • Chrome plated player rods with durable players
  • Sturdy leg levelers keep playing surface flat
  • Convenient front ball return
  • Slide scoring mounted on each end of the table
  • Reduced-size 48-inch foosball table ideal for younger players
  • Chrome-plated player rods; 3-goalie design for faster play
  • Sturdy leg levelers create flat, consistent play surface
  • Slide scorers mounted on ends; front ball return
  • Comes with 4 foosballs; measures 48 x 32 x 25.625 inches (W x H x D)


While the ultimate conclusion on assembly difficulty is mixed, one should expect to spend an hour putting this table together. An hour is a relatively short period for assembling Foosball tables as some can take 2-4 hours to assemble.


This table should be purchased for children or light-recreational purposes as this table was not designed for serious adults looking to improve their Foosball skills. There are reported dead spots in the middle of the table, the metal bars are thinner than normal, and the table’s lightness prevents competitive play as the table slides around from the force of adults thrusting their weight into the Foosball table. If you are looking for a higher quality foosball table, I recommend looking at the Tornado Foosball tables.

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