MD Sports Foosball Table 48-Inch

The 48” MD Sport Foosball table is a relatively cheap Foosball table, both in its price and its ability. While the table may appear to play like a classic Foosball table, you should not purchase this Foosball table under the assumption that it will play flawlessly like that of a more expensive or higher quality table.

However, if the purpose of purchasing aFoosball table is for children or something alike, then this is the perfect table. For fun, this table is great, but for competitive matches between adults, this table is lacking.


  • 8-steel rods
  • 12.7mm diameter Strong legs, 12mm thick
  • made of MDF wood Leg levelers
  • 2-manual slide scorers
  • Table dimensions: 48" L x 25.75" W x 32" H
  • Accessories included: 2-plastic soccer balls


This is a decent cheap Foosball table If you purchase this table under the assumption that it was built for children or fun-play rather than competitive skilled play. The table cannot handle too much weight, and if you jolt the metal bars too hard you’ll move the table in the process. Overall, I recommend looking at purchasing a more expensive, higher quality table.

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