Harvard Foosball Tables

The Harvard Foosball table is a low-tier table for beginner or recreational players interested in buying a Foosball table for the sole purpose of having fun, rather than serious competitive matches where the table’s characteristics severely influence playability. While this table is much cheaper than the majority of Foosball tables on the market, there is a logical reason why.


  • Classic soccer/foosball table designed for fast-paced gameplay
  • Sturdy 5-inch square legs and chrome steel tube crossbars
  • Chrome-plated steel rods with octagon-shaped wooden handles
  • Pair of cup holders; wood scoring system; 3-goalie setup
  • Measures 54.75 x 34.5 x 30.75 inches (W x H x D);
  • Weighs 186 pounds

Low Quality Cabinet

While the higher quality tables are made of metal, this table is made of MDF particle board, a rather inexpensive low quality material found in cheap sporting products. Also, this table is missing some of the more important amenities that make playing Foosball smooth and skillful like high-quality rod bearings or grooved feet on the players. In all, this table is poorly constructed and I would recommend checking out other Foosball table reviews before deciding on this table.

Light-Weight Table

For competitive play, a Foosball table needs to be heavy to withstand the constant force of the bars sliding and crashing against the table. However the Harvard Foosball table G01888W only weighs close to 200 pounds, not enough weight to prevent the table from sliding across the floor mid-game.


Players, children especially, love to sit or apply their body-weight to the bars on the Foosball table, however because these steel bars are thinner than normal, it is likely that they will bend or snap much quicker than a higher quality table. Overall, you should not buy this table. If you are looking for a cheap Foosball table, there are other higher quality tables in the same price range that will provide a much higher level of play for a much longer amount of time.

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