Which Type of Ball Should I Use?

There are a variety of Foosball balls to choose from, each complimenting a different style of play, often associated with a different type of table. In total, there are really only 2 different types of Foosball balls you should consider purchasing.

The Textured Foosball balls are generally seen with Torando or Dynamo tables and are heavier as well as more solid. A denser, heavier ball is indicative of a higher quality Foosball ball.

The cork Foosball balls are for European style players and are stickier or more tacky which produces a slower, more controlled Foosball game.

There are other styles of Foosball balls that are less tacky or sticky, less heavy, and are lower quality. These are generally painted and have ridges which make the ball roll in an unordinary fashion. These generally look like a soccer ball and are deisgned more for recreational players. Overall, Foosball balls are inexpensive so if you don’t like one brand, don’t be afraid to try another style!

The pro's use the Tornado Red Foosball.

Torando Foosballs

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The red Tornado Foosballs are the tournament ball of choice. They are the unanimous best foosball balls on the market.

Sportcraft Foosballs

foosball ball reviews

These foosballs are lower quality but are distinctly cheaper. They also spin in a cool fashion when inside a live game.

Warrior Foosballs

Warrior Foosball balls

Warrior Foosball balls are also a top choice among professional Foosballers. Check them out!