Carrom Signature Foosball Table

The Carrom Signature Foosball table is for those who want a mid to upper tier Foosball table but don’t want to pay hundreds more for the next level Foosball tables. This table is the next step-up in quality in the line of Carrom Foosball tables. Similar to the Carrom 750, this Foosball table has a .375” inch playing surface and 5/8” inch chrome hollow steel bars. This table has wooden handles, different from the handles seen in the Carrom 750 Foosball table. Also, this table comes with professional bearings that make playing smooth, accurate, and also allows players to perform more complex tricks that require the higher quality bearings. This Foosball table also comes with leveling feet in case the surface you play on isn’t level. While this characteristic may seem trivial at first, in the end, it could make a significant difference in the playability and overall enjoyment of the Foosball table.


  • Foosball table with 1-inch-thick Burr Oak finish
  • 0.375-inch playing surface with enamel screen-printed graphics
  • 5/8-inch, chrome-plated hollow steel rods and 8-sided hardwood handles
  • Premium bearings for fast and smooth spinning; wood-beaded scoring system
  • Measures 50.3 x 36 x 55 inches (W x H x D); weighs 162 pounds

This table has the capability to be constructed with both the 1-goalie design and the 2-goalie design, so the choice is yours. Should you choose the 1-goalies design, there are corner ramps included so the ball doesn’t get stuck and continuously interrupt the game.

Not only does this table have the bearings needed to produce higher-level Foosball moves and tricks, it also comes with counter-balanced men, an important characteristic that many serious Foosball players consider necessary on any quality Foosball table.


Unfortunately, like many Foosball tables, the instructions and overall assembly can be quite complicated and tedious. We recommend having at least 2 people to help put the table together. While the instructions are not the best, there are numerous online videos providing step-by-step assembly instructions so you should not let the fear of putting this table together, hinder your ultimate decision in choosing the best Foosball table.


You should purchase this table if you want a higher quality table than the previous Carrom Foosball tables and you want the extra amenities like higher quality bearings, the table-leveler, and the counter-balanced men that make playing the game more fun and smooth. While this table isn’t anywhere close to the quality of the more expensive Tornado Foosball tables, this table is the best recreational Foosball table on the market under $1000. Not only that, but the company is located and manufactures the tables in the United States. Past complaints or mishaps were met with pristine customer service and quick resolution. I would recommend this table for any recreational Foosball player that doesn’t want a more expensive tornado series table.

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