Carrom 750 Burr Oak Foosball Table

The Carrom 750 Burr Oak Foosball table is a mid-tier table for Foosball enthusiasts that don’t want a cheap poor quality table, but also don’t want to spend hundreds more on a higher quality table. That being said, this table is one of the best Foosball tables in its price range. Value-wise, this table is perfect for any family or recreational player looking to play some competitive Foosball.


  • Foosball table with 1-inch-thick Burr Oak Melamine cabinet
  • 0.375-inch playing surface with enamel screen-printed graphics
  • Custom hand-painted players with accurate ball control feet
  • 1-goalie or 3-goalie play; triple-chrome-plated steel rods
  • Measures 50.3 x 36 x 55 inches (W x H x D); weighs 156 pounds

Strong Cabinet Design

The cabinet needs to be strong to withstand the constant force of competitive play, so it’s great that the table comes with a 1” inch thick cabinet as well as a 3/8” playing surface. Both of these characteristics are indicative of a higher quality built table, so it’s great to see these things included inside the table.

Both 1-Man Goalie and 2-Man Goalie Style

The table can be played using both 1-man goalie style as well as 2-man and the table comes with thick triple-coated chrome rods for better playability. For some reason, especially with children, people can’t help but sit-on or stand-against the rods, sometimes bending them. So it’s important to have large thick rods to prevent the table from deteriorating too quickly.

Negative Characteristics

Overall, it’s a great table for how much it costs, but there are some things that I found annoying or sub-par in terms of quality that potential buyers should be aware of:

  1. The table doesn’t come with a leveling mechanism, so you have to wedge something under the table to properly level it; this can be quite annoying.
  2. An important aspect indicative of a higher quality table that can really impact the table’s smoothness are the bearings between the rods and the holes in the table. These bearings affect the smoothness of play quite substantially and I felt that there was a little too much space that negatively affected the table’s playing ability.
  3. The balls the table comes with are poor quality; however you can purchase higher quality tables here, from Amazon.
  4. The men are not counter-balanced, meaning the players don’t stay in the position you left them, they always fall down to the starting hanging position. While not very important for recreational players focused on having fun, competitive serious players need a table with counter-balanced men as this severely impacts the flow of the game and the table’s capabilities to perform to a higher tournament-level style of play.
  5. While the table’s cabinet is relatively thick, it’s not made out of real wood, it’s MDF particle board, which is a standard of quality symbolic of lower quality sporting items.
  6. Last but not least, assembly of the table was difficult. While these tables can sometimes take a little while to assemble, this table’s poor instructions made the process more difficult than it had to be. Expect the assembly to require more than 1 person and to take approximately 2 or 3 hours.

That being said, the Carrom models can’t compare to the Tornado series, so if you are looking for a professionally crafted Foosball table, I recommend checking out the Tornado Foosball tables, you won’t find any higher quality tables.


You should purchase this table if you are more concerned about having fun than with buying the best Foosball table on the market. I believe this table was designed for family recreational fun and not for competitive competition-level serious play. So, if you are looking to purchase a table for the purpose of family-fun or you don’t want to spend hundreds more on a more expensive table, this is a perfect table, otherwise, there are better Foosball tables on the market, more aligned with your interests in mind

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