Foosball Tricks

foosball special moves

Learn how to perform various Foosball tricks with great videos and quick detailed explanations!

Foosball Techniques & Strategies

foosball ball strategies

Foosball techniques and strategies including various professional shots and tactics. Watch step-by-step guides that demonstrate how to perform these difficult Foosball shots.

Foosball Videos

foosball videos

Various Foosball related videos. Whether it's tournament play or instructional videos, if it's Foos, it's allowed.

helicopter shot

Learn the Helicopter Foosball trick. Surprise your friends when you show them this difficult and challenging move.

Total K-U Shot

The Total K-U Shot is a favorite among players. Watch this shot in awe as you wish you knew how it could be done.

snake shot foosball

Click here to watch a step-by-step guide on how to perform the difficult Snake shot. A favorite among professional players, easily split past an opponent's defense with this move.

Push kick trick shot

The Push Kick shot, while more difficult than the Pull Kick shot is an under-utilised shot that, when used correctly, is a power choice in the arsenal of Foosball shots.

foosball video guide

Updated Weekly, watch instructional Foosball videos that explain and demonstrate how to perform various difficult Foosball techniques, shots, and strategies.

foosball tricks

Watch the best of the best compete in World Championships, State Finals, and other top-ranking events. From doubles to singles, we'll keep adding more tournament videos every week!

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