foosball tournament

Written by: Pinalyzer

Do I have the money? Do I have the time? Will I be able to stand the long drive? Questions, the feeling of anxiety, and yet none of it surrounding the competition.

First I committed to a good friend and battle tested player to team up for most of my events. That commitment cemented in the decision to go to the tournament. It was agreed that we would drive together in his car and there would only be four people total in the car. But that was not the case, In the trip to Co states we had five people cramped together, it made me really rethink the realism of the clowns in a small car happening yet again.

So, I start to wonder, how long a drive is it? How long do I have to worry that the driver will crash or that we will run into bad weather like a tornado or something? In my anxiety I imagine constantly checking the time. Okay I see it’s something like 10 to 11 hrs. After 5 hrs we will be over half way there. My driver says we left around 4 am, so that means we will be there around 2 or 3. Well, with the time change, 3 or 4 on Friday. Good enough as my first event is on Saturday. Then the driver, my partner, calls with a deal. He has decided to fly and got me a ticket for $100. Well, I haven’t flown since 1996 and one of the main reasons I don’t fly is it scares me. I can tough it out, but then I am uncomfortable with the smallish seats. I used to fly all the time but never landed sober.

So I paid my $100 and today I found out that the tickets may not be available. So my friend will fly, as he has his tickets, but he thinks and I will have to drive. I don’t really mind.

I have dreams about going to a Foosball tournament all the time. You know those reoccurring dreams you hear about or experience that you don’t won’t to forget. It’s not like the dreams focus only on being at a foosball tournament, but they also seem to revolve around different themed tournaments. Kind of cool, and it says something about how much I would like to go.

So in the end, It ended up with us driving, and we did have 5 in the car for about an hour or so until we met up with Fast Eddie and his family. On the way we took a short cut that took 4 hours longer than the long way. Figure that... and then we just missed a giant tortoise that was crossing the middle of the road. The rain was so very heavy, we couldn’t see but a few car lengths ahead. But after it all, after a long 14 hr drive, after almost running over a giant turtle, we rushed in and got our foos on.

I practiced a lot during the tournament, first in the room, and last out for most of the nights. I can sit and hit a ball on the table for hours just working on this and that, never satisfied. I tried not to make many changes to my style of play, or at least that was the plan. Just play my game is what I was thinking, but it was so much fun playing with other styles, learning something new, and taking it for a test drive in the next match. That didn't work out well as you can guess. I had some tough matches and was tough in goal in doubles, but it should always be that you practice a shot or pass for a while before using it in a win or go home tournament.

Boom, I threw down a half filled hotel glass of Tequila to jump start my day. Next up was breakfast buffet at the hotel restaurant, then go and wait at the tournament room door until they opened the room for another day.

I had a good tournament all in all, even though I lost a lot of matches I felt my game was good and I was not too tired. I played four matches against David Vick, including two against him and Todd Loffredo. The results of which qualified my partner and I for the 2014 World Championships in Torino, Italy on April 2105.

oing home it was very hard, I sat in back with three big guys shoulder- to-shoulder and endured the 10 hour drive (no short cut this time). I just sat back and reflected on my dream come alive as I held my two 2nd place plaques. This was the only hardware won by any of our 10 player group that traveled from New Mexico, so I felt proud. I took 2nd in Senior Singles and Senior Doubles. I played in the pits for 3 matches and won a close match with a short inside bank at 7-7 3rd game in Senior Singles.

Overall I had a great time at the tournament. Saw old friends, made new friends...lost our room keys at an amazing rate. I think we went through four the first night.

Yes a dream did come alive and may the next dream start! Until next time. Foos on!